Create The Perfect Relaxing And Peaceful All White Bathroom With These Top Tips And Tricks

The all white bathroom is a trend that is gaining much popularity in 2019 thus far. Last year we had a large number of homeowners ask about the all-white Cambria quartz countertops in efforts to create the perfect interior design or renovation. It has not gone unnoticed that the all-white bathroom trend is one of the leading bathroom trends of this year. We do however find that sometimes, homeowners will add a bit of color just to make the bathroom pop. The all white cabinets, tile, bathroom countertops, bathtub, walls, and decor create a very relaxing and peaceful atmosphere that is hard to turn down. Select Surfaces has put together the perfect article to help guide you through the perfect all-white bathroom! Follow along with us to learn how to get started!

White Quartz Bathroom Countertops

The subtleties are what matters most when you are in the process of creating your all-white bathroom dream. However, you cannot ignore the bigger picture and that is why you should look into white quartz countertops. Yes, there are definitely a lot of other countertop materials out there to look at but quartz is at the top when it comes to durability, dependability, performance, and resistance. Quartz is scratch and stain resistant which makes for a great countertop option because your risk of damaging the bathroom tops decreases significantly. This does not mean quartz is proof of scratches, impact, or stains. Quartz is a wonderful bathroom countertop choice that comes in different brands and colors.

White Granite Bathroom Counters

Another option to look into when going for an all white bathroom is granite for countertops. Granite is a natural stone that has mind-blowing durability qualities that will make your investment totally worth it! You can get different white granite countertops with patterns and designs at Select Surfaces. Granite is a very popular and durable stone for amongst many homeowners around the globe. Granite is a countertop choice that you simply will not regret getting especially if you go with the all-white options. Granite counters are definitely the way to go!

White Bathroom Cabinets

Cabinets often times go unnoticed, but we are here to tell you that they matter! Cabinets add to the overall theme in the bathroom and there are so many different brands, styles, colors, patterns, and designs to choose from. For the sake of this article and the all white bathroom theme, we encourage you to look at the all white cabinets. If you are wanting to add some kind of color detailing, ask a cabinet supplier about the white cabinet with the chocolate glaze.

White Bathroom Floor

Whether you want hardwood, porcelain, concrete, rubbing flooring, stone, tile, wood laminate, or vinyl, amongst many others, all you have to do is ask to see if your local flooring company carries these materials in white. Just like with the bathroom cabinets, you can definitely get a flooring option with detailing of a different color.

White Cambria Counters

Cambria is known worldwide for being one of the leading countertop suppliers that provide that highest quality. Cambria carries many different countertop materials that you can choose from so be ready for a large variety! You can ask Select Surfaces about the different colors, patterns, and designs. Make sure to contact us today for more. (847) 260-5940



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