Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops

Quartz, commonly referred to as engineered stone or natural quartz, has been rapidly growing in popularity since its introduction to the market. The performance, practicality, and beauty of this product have quickly made it a staple in kitchen and bath design.

Quartz slabs are not mined like other natural stones. Instead, manufacturers combine different sizes of quartz crystals with small amounts of pigment and polymers to create slabs that are incredibly durable, stain and scratch resistant, and are virtually maintenance free. This means no additional sealing or polishing are required before or after installation!

Quartz countertops are not only high performance and practical, they can also be some the most eye catching. In the past, quartz offered a wide selection of colors but was limited to simple, consistent patterns. Now we see the movement and random variation that has only been available in natural stones coming into the quartz offering. Advances in quartz manufacturing technology have made it possible to emulate the colors, movement and even veining of many of the most popular colors in natural stones on the market, while still offering the same great performance.

We are proudly offer many of the leading quartz brands available on the market including:

Cambria, Caesarstone, Silestone, Hanstone, Viatera, Vicostone, and more.

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