Finding A Local Fabricator With The Top Chicago Countertops Expert

Granite counters are still the best additions that any homeowner from around the world can add to their kitchen. Granite stone is beyond beautiful and it is a very unique material that looks outstanding in any home. Every countertop is custom made to fit the design of each individual kitchen kitchen. This is one of the smartest way to invest your money because you are adding value to your home and improving the appeal of you space.

Homeowners across the city are always in search for the leading Chicago countertops fabricators. Choosing a fabricator does not have to be a difficult task. Follow along with Select Surfaces to learn how to pick a fabricator for a successful kitchen remodel!

Find A Local Fabricator

A top granite stone fabricator will cut and shape a big slab of natural stone to go perfectly with the exact dimensions & specifications of you countertop. You will want to work with someone local for a few reasons:

  • The stone fabricator will visit your place of residence to check the dimensions, make some suggestions, & to take a template to work from
  • You may visit the showroom to see the different granite & choose the perfect match for you particular kitchen design style
  • Granite stone is heavy which to your home from the fabricator picking a company that is far away can mean that you incur heavy travel costs or shipping

There are different ways you can go about finding the right fabricator near where you are. There is no right or wrong answer, & ultimately one should go with a company they can trust. Find a granite stone countertop sale that will offer you the variety you seek. It is not likely for one to find a sale that will save you money & usually the discounters will only be able to afford doing so if they sacrifice quality in different areas. Often times, companies will charge you more for the countertop installation and pay their team less.


Look For The Stone First

It will be much easier to find the right fabricator when you already know the type of stone you are interested in. Some stones are quite common and most fabricators will have a variety of options available. However, some stone options can be more difficult to come across and may need to be transported or shipped to the local fabricator from national distributors like Marble and Granite or Walker Zanger.

When you are in search of the perfect countertop for your kitchen, you will want to look for fabricators that offer this particular material. This can be done by searching for the name of the stone in Google. You can also call around and ask local companies to see if they carry this countertop. Calling around will save you a ton of time, frustration, and gas.


Visit Showrooms

Most fabricators have showrooms and beautiful displays that you can look at. Once you have written down the top companies that fit the criteria for what you are in search of, the next step is to visit the showroom. When you take a tour of the showroom, you will usually be paired up with a project manager that will walk you through the different countertop materials. You can learn and ask as many questions as you would like when you take a trip to the showroom. After you take a tour you can sit down with a consultant and get started on the remodeling process. You will never be left alone to wonder.

Choose Select Surfaces for your next kitchen remodel. We are the leading Chicago countertops professionals with many years of experience under our belts. Check out the blog for the latest news. Contact us today to get started. (847) 260-5940

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