Designers, Builders & Architects

Thanks to our daily efforts as well as the positive input from our customers, we are now in a unique position where we can partner with designers, builders, architects and other trades in order to create new business opportunities. Select Surfaces offers special discounts and programs for our partners in work.
To register for our Trade Partner Program, please either contact our team by phone or leave an online message.
You must be a registered business and accredited with licensing authorities in your trade.

Count on us if you a working on:

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Bennefits of working with us

As a trade partner, we would like to have you in our showrooms and experience what Select Surfaces can offer.

Our trade partner program has been going on for quite a while, and we have managed to share experience with countless proficient designers, builders, architects and other types of industry professionals. We believe the strong bonds we have created along the way have added value to the community.

Select Surfaces promotes a working together attitude with all trading partners through special pricing and promotions to entice delivering the finest products and services to partners and their clients.

We are always looking for new opportunities and will go out of our way to earn your trust and confidence. Moreover, you will be enthralled by how we conduct our business and how we might prove to be an essential key-point for your development.


  • Colors – Receive access to an exhaustive warehouse spanning both popular and exquisite colors, when compared to other brands.
  • Savings – Our competitive prices hold the front for premium quality and fabrication ease, while saving you and your clients some extra cash that might come in handy.
  • Samples – Trade professionals can expand their shelves with free sample kits, thus enabling new business opportunities.
  • Warranty – All our products have a lifetime warranty from manufacturing defects and that extends to services provided by our trade partners.

Become a Select Surfaces VIP today and enjoy a plethora of benefits yours to take.

Let’s be partners