Quality Granite Counters Are A Great Addition To Your Kitchen Remodel

Granite countertops are the missing puzzle piece to your masterpiece. This countertop material delivers beautiful aesthetics in bathrooms and kitchens. There are many great qualities that come with granite. In this article we will cover the benefits and advantages of granite countertops. Follow along with Select Surfaces for more insight.


Granite stone has a natural rich beauty that not many other materials can successfully match. There is a timeless aura & appeal that is difficult to find in other natural stone materials. The granite options offered at Select Surfaces are one of a kind. They take any kitchen design to the next level. Granite makes a great centerpiece in any room with its irresistible appeal. There are a large number of beneficial qualities and conveniences found in granite that are not talked about as often as they should. For example, granite is very popular and known all around the world for its impeccableĀ strength and ability to withstand against a number of elements.

Although granite has quite the hard shell, it is not proof of damages. It may be stain, heat, and scratch resistant which means it can stand strong in busy environments but it can still get damaged if it is not cared for properly. As a result of poor care, your countertops may not last you as long as they could. This is why it is of extreme importance to learn about the proper ways to clean and maintain your granite counters. They can definitely last you a long time if you learn about the ways to care for them, respectively. There are a number of different methods out there but you should only follow the ones written by countertop experts with many years of background experience.


Busy kitchens can always use countertops that can handle high temperatures. Granite is one of the leading countertop materials that can thrive in such environments because of its heat tolerance. This means you can put a hot pan down on your counters and they will be just fine. However, we do not advise that you do this. We encourage homeowners to always use placemats on their kitchen countertops to avoid any potential damages that may occur.

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