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Edge Profiles: How to Choose an Edge Profile for any Design or Lifestyle

“Design is in the details” is one of our favorite phrases. We love to create custom kitchens that are personalized to those that will live, cook, entertain, and more in our kitchens. Countertop edge profiles are one detail that can bring your personality, lifestyle and taste to your new kitchen. At Select Surfaces we offer […]

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Get a Fast Quote! 3 simple steps

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  • 1.

    Use this worksheet as a guide to create a detailed countertop drawing.

  • 2.

    Note the material, color, sink, and edge profile you would like.

  • 3.

    Snap a photo of the completed drawing (make sure the dimensions are clear) and upload it along with your contact information.

  • You’ll receive a detailed quote back within one business day!


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