Your home is your main investment, your sense of comfort, and a reflection of your personal sense of style. Because of this, you would never dive headfirst into any project without some careful planning. Here at Select Surfaces, planning is our very first step in helping you create the luxurious, beautiful kitchen or bath of your dreams.

Our Countertop Planning Process

Long before we ever start cutting your kitchen or bath countertops, we plan for your design and installation very, very carefully. No matter how large or small your project might be, we handle each job with the same attention to detail. This may involve helping you choose the perfect color to accommodate existing décor, creating the right edges to complement your design, or even accounting for things like sink size and overhangs long before we draw up the plans for your new counters. We take your project very seriously, and it is our goal to ensure your satisfaction with a job well done.

Considering Your Existing Space

When new counters are part of a redesign or remodeling project, it’s vital that you consider every single element in your existing space. These things can help dictate the color, style, and even profile associated with your new counters. That’s why we ask about everything from appliances to sink and faucet types; we want to make sure that your new countertop is the perfect addition to your space. Although it may seem as if we gather a lot of information up front, we do this to ensure that we can work quickly and effortlessly to provide the look and function you want.

The planning process if vital to the design and installation of your new countertops. With the right information, Select Surfaces can help you choose the right countertop material, thickness, color, and profile to satisfy your unique vision.   


Get a Fast Quote! 3 simple steps

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  • 1.

    Use this worksheet as a guide to create a detailed countertop drawing.

  • 2.

    Note the material, color, sink, and edge profile you would like.

  • 3.

    Snap a photo of the completed drawing (make sure the dimensions are clear) and upload it along with your contact information.

  • You’ll receive a detailed quote back within one business day!


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