When it comes to cutting natural stone, doing it by hand can lead to human error. That’s exactly why Select Surfaces uses a state-of-the-art fabrication facility in which automated production lines reduce errors, enhance quality, and allow us to produce your countertops quickly – all at the same time.

No Stone Moved by Hand

Stone is very heavy and cumbersome, which makes it difficult to lift, move, and process. We use a completely automated process complete with cranes and vacuum lifters so no piece of stone is ever moved by hand in our facility. This automated system handles the fabrication from start to finish, which keeps the amount of hands-on work to an absolute minimum. Though the processes are observed and monitored at all times, it is processed with complex machinery that has been specifically programmed to create countertops to your unique specifications.

Three-Step Countertop Fabrication Process

  • First, the stone slab starts on the Loffler LDX 2000 table. Here, the slabs are photographed, and we can use that digital imagery to see how the countertop will look after cutting. This technology allows us to plan for veining before we cut, and this is vital for planning seams. After the photograph is approved, the saw begins cutting pieces within a tiny three millimeters of their finished thickness.
  • Next, the slabs head to the Loffler LBX Dual Table CNC Router, where the back edge of the slab is shaped with the direction of the photos we took using PhotoTop. This ensures that your counter fits the back edge of your walls precisely and accurately. The router will then shape and polish your countertop, removing that last few millimeters of material and creating the exact finished dimensions.
  • Finally, your countertops are sent to our quality control department, where they are assembled temporarily and checked for any potential imperfections such as color variances or even mismatched veining at the seams. After this part of the process is complete, your countertops are ready for delivery and installation.

Select Surfaces utilizes some of the newest and best tools in the industry to create custom countertops for your kitchen or bath. Our completely automated fabrication process means that your high-quality countertops are made with the highest standards possible.


The next stop the is Loffler LBZ Dual Table CNC Router. This machine will shape the back edge of the piece using the information from PhotoTop to produce a tight fit to the walls. The router then works through a number of shaping and polishing tools to create the desired edge profile, taking of the final 3mm of material and taking the piece to its proper finished dimensions.

Quality Control is the final stop before installation. Here, we assemble the entire job and check for imperfections. Profiles and seams are checked for their consistency and quality and a final check of the dimensions is completed. Once through Quality Control, countertops are ready to go out for installation.


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    Use this worksheet as a guide to create a detailed countertop drawing.

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    Note the material, color, sink, and edge profile you would like.

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    Snap a photo of the completed drawing (make sure the dimensions are clear) and upload it along with your contact information.

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