Your home is your main investment, your sense of comfort, and a reflection of your personal sense of style. Because of this, you would never dive headfirst into any project without some careful planning. Here at Select Surfaces, planning is our very first step in helping you create the luxurious, beautiful kitchen or bath of your dreams.

Our Countertop Planning Process

Long before we ever start cutting your kitchen or bath countertops, we plan for your design and installation very, very carefully. No matter how large or small your project might be, we handle each job with the same attention to detail. This may involve helping you choose the perfect color to accommodate existing décor, creating the right edges to complement your design, or even accounting for things like sink size and overhangs long before we draw up the plans for your new counters. We take your project very seriously, and it is our goal to ensure your satisfaction with a job well done.

Considering Your Existing Space

When new counters are part of a redesign or remodeling project, it’s vital that you consider every single element in your existing space. These things can help dictate the color, style, and even profile associated with your new counters. That’s why we ask about everything from appliances to sink and faucet types; we want to make sure that your new countertop is the perfect addition to your space. Although it may seem as if we gather a lot of information up front, we do this to ensure that we can work quickly and effortlessly to provide the look and function you want.

The planning process if vital to the design and installation of your new countertops. With the right information, Select Surfaces can help you choose the right countertop material, thickness, color, and profile to satisfy your unique vision.   



Once Select Surfaces has helped you carefully plan for your unique new look, the next step in our process involves taking accurate measurements to ensure the proper fit and function. Rather than a simple tape measure, we use advanced technology to account for every tiny detail before we begin cutting your countertops. This gives us a solid edge over our competitors, and it ensures that our clients get the best possible finished product.

How We Measure

Here at Select Surfaces, we use a digital template called PhotoTop, which allows us to gather very specific and precise length and width measurements from photos taken with a calibrated digital camera. With this technology, we can do far more than take measurements; we can also reveal key jobsite conditions that could hinder our progress – such as a bowed or warped wall – before they become problematic. This way, we’ll know exactly what we need to account for long before we even make your countertops, and the installation process will be much more efficient. Our knowledgeable technicians will gladly meet you at the jobsite location to ensure all project details are 100% correct before commencing work.

The Measurement Process

It all starts by snapping photos with a calibrated digital camera. Then, these photos are uploaded into PhotoTop so we can obtain incredibly precise measurements and account for any potential problems. Once this information has been gathered, it is passed to our professional and experienced project managers who will come up with a final plan for design and installation. Of course, this plan depends on your approval, so you’ll be included in the process each and every step of the way.

Although the measuring step may sound simple, Select Surfaces uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your counters are absolutely perfect the moment they’re cut. This way, the installation process goes far more smoothly, and you’ll find yourself enjoying the look, feel, and function of your bath and kitchen countertops in a fraction of the time.



When it comes to cutting natural stone, doing it by hand can lead to human error. That’s exactly why Select Surfaces uses a state-of-the-art fabrication facility in which automated production lines reduce errors, enhance quality, and allow us to produce your countertops quickly – all at the same time.

No Stone Moved by Hand

Stone is very heavy and cumbersome, which makes it difficult to lift, move, and process. We use a completely automated process complete with cranes and vacuum lifters so no piece of stone is ever moved by hand in our facility. This automated system handles the fabrication from start to finish, which keeps the amount of hands-on work to an absolute minimum. Though the processes are observed and monitored at all times, it is processed with complex machinery that has been specifically programmed to create countertops to your unique specifications.

Three-Step Countertop Fabrication Process

  • First, the stone slab starts on the Loffler LDX 2000 table. Here, the slabs are photographed, and we can use that digital imagery to see how the countertop will look after cutting. This technology allows us to plan for veining before we cut, and this is vital for planning seams. After the photograph is approved, the saw begins cutting pieces within a tiny three millimeters of their finished thickness.
  • Next, the slabs head to the Loffler LBX Dual Table CNC Router, where the back edge of the slab is shaped with the direction of the photos we took using PhotoTop. This ensures that your counter fits the back edge of your walls precisely and accurately. The router will then shape and polish your countertop, removing that last few millimeters of material and creating the exact finished dimensions.
  • Finally, your countertops are sent to our quality control department, where they are assembled temporarily and checked for any potential imperfections such as color variances or even mismatched veining at the seams. After this part of the process is complete, your countertops are ready for delivery and installation.

Select Surfaces utilizes some of the newest and best tools in the industry to create custom countertops for your kitchen or bath. Our completely automated fabrication process means that your high-quality countertops are made with the highest standards possible.


The next stop the is Loffler LBZ Dual Table CNC Router. This machine will shape the back edge of the piece using the information from PhotoTop to produce a tight fit to the walls. The router then works through a number of shaping and polishing tools to create the desired edge profile, taking of the final 3mm of material and taking the piece to its proper finished dimensions.

Quality Control is the final stop before installation. Here, we assemble the entire job and check for imperfections. Profiles and seams are checked for their consistency and quality and a final check of the dimensions is completed. Once through Quality Control, countertops are ready to go out for installation.



Once your countertops have been expertly cut and finished, they’ll be delivered to your home in a box truck to keep them safe and out of the weather. These trucks also carry all of the tools and items needed to complete your installation exactly as promised. This includes gorilla grips, carts, levels, and anything else that makes your countertop installation a breeze.

Treating Your Home Like Our Own

Nothing is worse than opening your home to a company for a service and having to clean up after them. That’s why Select Services treats your home like our own. We’ll cover your floors to prevent damage and to keep them clean, and we use specialized carts to move the counters through your home. These reduce the strain on your flooring surfaces and protect your countertops during transport. After we’ve moved all the pieces into place, we carefully secure them, mount your sinks, and assemble the seams. We’ll even clean up when we’ve finished.

Experience and Training in Countertop Installation

The technicians at Select Surfaces undergo extensive training to help them learn about the type of work they’ll do, including the care we take in protecting your home. It takes skill to work with stone, and because of this, our technicians are always undergoing new training to further hone their skills. It is our goal to be professional, prepared, and always on time, and you’ll see that professionalism and preparedness in our employees as they work to help you realize your vision in your kitchen or bathroom.

From start to finish, Select Surfaces plans every single step involved in helping you obtain the new countertops you love. The entire process is easy for you, and we work hard to make sure that we provide quality work with as little interruption in your daily life as possible.


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