Edge Profiles: How to Choose an Edge Profile for any Design or Lifestyle

“Design is in the details” is one of our favorite phrases. We love to create custom kitchens that are personalized to those that will live, cook, entertain, and more in our kitchens. Countertop edge profiles are one detail that can bring your personality, lifestyle and taste to your new kitchen. At Select Surfaces we offer many options for edge profiles so we can always find the right profile for you. Here are a few of our favorites and why we recommend them. 

Eased edge on Cambria Quartz countertop

Our most common edge profile is and eased edge. An eased edge is a square aesthetic with the corners and edges just slightly eased, so they are not sharp or rough to the touch. Whether you’re getting granite, quartz, marble or quartzite, an eased edge is timeless, simple and sleek. An eased edge highlights the color of the stone, the nature of the flat edge shows the color and depth through the thickness of the stone without interruption. You really can’t go wrong with an eased edge. 

Ogee edge on Torquay Countertop

A mainstay in many of our designs is an ogee edge. Often called FS or Basin, this profile adds a bit of elegance to any countertop. The ogee edge is more traditional than many other edges. The luxurious feel of this edge can really highlight the stone in your kitchen. Many designers will use this edge profile on the island to contrast with the rest of the kitchen. That can make the island more of a focus point and have more of a custom feel. Due to the popularity of this edge profile, many fabricators charge hundred of dollars for an ogee edge profile. At Select Surfaces we include this edge profile at no extra cost, so you can choose what you love without worrying about cost. Design without compromise.

Roundover (Summit) Edge
Beveled (Treeline) Edge

To pair with the ogee edge on the island, many clients will choose a bevel or a roundover edge on the rest of the kitchen. These edge are a bit more transitional and can give a custom feel without detracting from other design elements in the kitchen. The Bevel (or beveled) edge will often be referred to as ZS or Treeline. This edge has a chamfer on the top edge, keeping clean crisp lines while softening the hard edge of any type of stone. Similarly the roundover edge (often called T or Summit edge) will also serve to soften the feel of your countertop.  

Bullnose is traditionally one of the most popular profiles for stone countertops, however design trends have gone further and further away from this style over the years. It does provide the softest feel for your stone countertops, and many clients still appreciate that, but aesthetically, our designers agree this edge is on the way out. 

Knife Edge (Sharknose)

One trend we’re seeing more recently in very contemporary kitchens is to use a knife edge, also called sharknose, ledge, or MD. This profile has a large 45 degree chamfer on the bottom side of the countertop. It can make the countertop look and feel much thinner as your eye only sees the edge at the top corner. This profile is trendy and sleek. Our designers love to use It for a contemporary or European design. How long lasting this design trend will be remains to be seen. 

Most granite, quartz and marble slabs are 1 1/4” thick, but how cool would it be to have a countertop twice that thick (or thicker!!) We can create a thicker looking countertop with a mitered or with a laminated edge profile. Our expert fabricators can join two pieces of stone cut from the same slab with color matched adhesive to give any countertop a thicker look. When they’re finished it looks just like a solid piece of stone. The most common way to do this is with a mitered edge, which has become very popular over the last few years. Although we can create just about any thickness you’d want, the most common is to be between 2 1/2” and 3” thick. 

Mitered Edge
Mitered Edge

Another way to really make your countertop unique is to select a chiseled edge. Our chiseled edges are done by hand to create a look of a raw edge. This edge has a very rustic feeling and will be rough to the touch. Due to the rough finish of this profile, we don’t use it too often in kitchens, but it can create a truly special fireplace mantel, bar top or coffee table. Imagine this edge in your man cave or in your family cabin. 

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen recently Is to add a waterfall to you countertop. A waterfall is a piece of stone that goes vertically from the countertop down to the floor. Waterfalls are an easy way to add a wow factor to your kitchen. This feature definitely makes your kitchen stand out from the rest. You’ll see your friends jaw drop when they walk in and see your new waterfall. 


In addition to these profiles we also offer many custom edge profiles at Select Surfaces. We have fun with combining multiple profiles or coming up with unique designs that make your kitchen one of a kind. 
No matter what design, feel and lifetstyle you’re designing for, we’ve got you covered. We’d love to hear from you. What is your favorite edge profile?

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