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Discover Cambria – unlimited possibilities to create a new dream kitchen or bath that matches your style, your personality and your life.

Selecting Cambria Countertops For a Lifetime of Beauty

Cambria Countertops are an exciting improvement over natural granite and quartz countertops. Cambria is the brand name for a composite material that replicates, and even expands on, the appearance of these natural materials without the need for constant maintenance. High-quality, sophisticated Cambria kitchen countertops will add to the beauty and value of any home or business.

What is Cambria?

Cambria is an incredibly useful 93% natural quartz surfacing material with a wide range of applications. This product is designed for use as countertops, vanities, showers, wet bars, fireplace surrounds, and floor tiles. Some of the Cambria countertop designs possess the natural appearance and feel or quarried stones such as granite and marble. Other designs extend the possibilities.

Cambria is manufactured by a family-owned company with more than 60 years of experience in the industry. They are the only American company producing these surfaces. The wide range of design choices reflects the expansive knowledge and experience with consumer trends and desires.

Cambria vs. Granite and Quartz

Cambria Countertops offer numerous benefits.

  • Superior strength, performance, and durability are derived from the quartz, an extremely hard mineral
  • A nonporous surface that will not absorb food and liquids and is NSF 51 certified, which is very safe for families, employees, and all others
  • Maintenance-free, requiring only warm water and mild soap to keep Cambria surfaces shining and spotless
  • Cambria resists staining from common spills including coffee, wine, and tea
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Natural granite and quartz have significant drawbacks.

  • Granite and quartz require sealing and maintenance
  • Granite contains only 40-60% quartz and contains many softer minerals and other impurities, making it less strong and stain-resistant than Cambria
  • Granite can actually absorb foods and liquids, causing it to stain and encourage the growth of harmful bacteria

All natural stone surfaces, including Cambria, could be damaged by the direct heat transfer caused by setting a hot pot or pan directly onto the countertop. The use of a trivet or hot pad is always recommended to preserve the ultimate appearance of your cambria kitchen or cambria bathroom countertops.


Typically, Cambria prices are similar to those for granite and comparable stone surfaces. The retail prices for Cambria Countertops are set by kitchen and bathroom dealers, contractors, and fabricators.

The elegant and stunning design choices combined with a lack of required maintenance and superior strength make Cambria surfaces the superior choice for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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